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IOWHE University
and IOWHE Consortium (at future, we call them IOWHE) have divided the world into 5 sections, as a local zone for Beta level evaluation only. The five areas are:

CACSASA = Center of America and Caribbean Countries, South of America & South of Africa

GBWENAC = Great British, West Europe, North America & Canada

EASEFEOC = East Asia, South East, Far East & Oceania Countries

RFEENA = Russian Federation, East Europe & North Asia

MENAWA = Middle East, North Africa & West Asia *

Applicants, for evaluation from every country, should register in region headquarters that it's closer to their country. This means that IOWHE offices in any zone only accept applicants who their documents belong to the same zone.

Just MENAWA zone is a multi-nationality and these headquarters accept all nationalities.



. Note .


All documents (especially experience documents) which submit to IOWHE offices should be in English language version and authenticated by at least one "Government's Notary Public".

* MENAWA has a headquarters for all nationalities. All applicants with any nationality can request for evaluation process from IOWHE University in MENAWA HQ located in Dubai / UAE .